The Political Construction of Brazil

2017. An encompassing analysis of Brazil’s society, economy and politics since the Independence. A national-dependent interpretation. Three historical cycles of the relation state-society: State and Territorial Integration Cycle (1822-1929), Nation and Development Cycle (1930-1977) and Democracy and Social Justice Cycle (1977-2010). Crisis since then. (Book: Lynne Rienner Publishers)

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Macroeconomia Desenvolvimentista

2016. With José Luis Oreiro e Nelson Marconi. Our more complete analysis of Developmental Macroeconomics – the central economic theory within New Developmentalism. (book)

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A decisão de investir, os lucros e os juros

Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira

1970. Paper publicado com Texto para Discussão EC-MACRO-L-066,Departamento de Análise e Planejamento Econômico da EAESP/FGV, 1970.

Adopting a classical perspective, this paper argues that variations in the expected profit rate and the corresponding shifts of the marginal efficiency of capital curve are more important in explaining investments than variations in the interest rate that work along the marginal efficiency curve.

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